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Welcome to Seren Foods, a small family business based in Bangor on Dee. We hope that you will take the time to browse our web site and learn about our range of hand crafted jellies and Jerky.

Our jellies are all hand made in small batches using traditional methods and strained to remove the pulp generally found in jams. Used as a condiment or in cooking to enhance the flavour of sauces and stocks; added to a stir fry or just as they are, their rich yet subtle flavours can transform the most ordinary of meals into something special. Our range includes wine, chili and speciality jellies. We have some interesting recipe ideas too but if you find a new way to use any of our flavours, send it to us via the web site and we will include your recipe making sure you are given the credit for your idea.

Jerky is a high protein, low fat snack food. Made from quality beef which has been sliced and marinated before being air dried. In order to make 500 grams of Jerky it takes in excess of 1Kg of raw meat.

As you browse the site, you will find which shows and food festivals we are exhibiting at as well as where our stockists are located you can also sign up to our newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.

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